Manulele Incorporated produces Board Stories, a television show that delivers a blend of stunning imagery and family-friendly entertainment to an international audience. Board Stories broadcasts Hawai‘i’s premiere surf, beach lifestyle and board sports content straight from the frontline – the North Shore of Oahu.

Manulele has expanded its television offerings to include Outside Television, Time Warner Cable, COX 3, Visitor Video and Turtle Bay Resort TV, with continued long-standing history on OC 16 in Hawai’i as well. OC16 is available in more than 280,000 homes throughout the Hawaiian Islands and is the leader in authentic local programming.

Manulele’s strengths are in Hawai‘i’s surf culture – since based in the Islands – but the team seasonally travels the world to gather international surf content as well. The show represents the sport from both a local and international viewpoint, offering a wide variety of entertainment to interest any ocean enthusiast.

Board Stories offers promotional 30-second commercial spots per month across multiple channels including MTV, VH1, E!, FSW, SPIKE, ESPN, ESPN2, TNT and Travel.